In 1973, the Nebraska State Women's Golf Association renamed their organization NWAGA, the Nebraska Women's Amateur Golf Association. The first executive board meeting as NWAGA was held on September 26, 1973. Several issues were addressed, including the creation of a budget for the up-coming year and the concept of hosting more than one state tournament, such as the addition of a 9-hole state tournament that would be held out-state or the possibility of a partner's tournament. During the meeting, it was reported that the membership stood at 19 member clubs and 84 individuals.

NWAGA Founders:

Mary Walley
Dorothy Schwartzkopf
Christie Schwartzkopf-Schroff
Jean Hyland
Jan Harley
B. Jo Stiner
Barbara Berger

Past Presidents:

Mary Walley (1973-1975)
Dottie Bowman (1976-1977)
Anna Marie Hanich (1978-1979)
Mac Berkheimer (1980-1982)
Jan Fricke (1983)
Carolyn Ryder (1984-1985)
Dorothy Schwartzkopf (1986)
Susie Lorensen (1987-1988)
Lou Feuerstein (1989-1991)
Marcia Morell (1992)
Verleen Rasgorshek (1993-1995)
Theresa Wanek (1996-1998)
Mary Ann James (1999-2001)
Caryl Cline (2002-2003)
Jane Pohlman (2004-2006)
Bobbie Hopp (2007-2009)
Pam Gallagher (2010-2012)
Michele Gill (2013-2015)
Teresa Snoozy (2016 - 2018)
Allyson Durnal (2019 - present)

NWAGA Players of the Year

2019Danica BaduraAurora
2018Brandi LemekDoniphan
2017Kaitlyn KrzyzanowskiScottsbluff
2016Hannah ThieleWahoo
2015Danielle LemekDoniphan
2014Danielle LemekDoniphan
2013Kayla Knopik (Barnes)Papillion
2012Kayla Knopik (Barnes)Papillion
2011Kayla Knopik (Barnes)Papillion
2010J.C. StevensonGrand Island
2009J.C. StevensonGrand Island
2008Megan BartlettGrand Island
2007J.C. StevensonGrand Island
2006Susan MarcheseOmaha
2005Susan MarcheseOmaha
2004Sara SackettCambridge
2003Susan MarcheseOmaha
2002Susan MarcheseOmaha
2001Susan MarcheseOmaha
2000Susan MarcheseOmaha
1999Elizabeth BahenskyKearney
1999Susan MarcheseOmaha
1998Theresa WanekMcCook
1997Theresa WanekMcCook

Nebraska Women's Amateur Champions

2019Haley ThieleWahooYork Country Club
2018Jordan YorkScottsbluffBeatrice Country Club
2017Haley ThieleWahooWild Horse Golf Club, Gothenburg
2016Hannah ThieleWahooEldorado Hills Golf Club, Norfolk
2015Danielle LemekDoniphanNorth Bend Golf Course
2014Danielle LemekDoniphanHidden Valley Golf Club, Lincoln
2013Kayla KnopikPapillionThe Pines Country Club, Valley
2012McKayla AndersonFremontKearney Country Club
2011Kayla KnopikPapillionBeatrice Country Club
2010JC StevensonGrand IslandWild Horse Golf Club, Gothenburg
2009JC StevensonGrand IslandThe Country Club of Lincoln
2008Megan BartlettGrand IslandIndianhead Golf Club, Grand Island
2007Stephanie KolbasLincolnShadow Ridge Country Club, Omaha
2006JC StevensonGrand IslandNorfolk Country Club
2005Stephanie KolbasLincolnArborLinks, Nebraska City
2004Susan MarcheseOmahaWayne Country Club
2003Susan MarcheseOmahaHappy Hollow Club, Omaha
2002Sarah SasseLincolnOak Hills Country Club, Omaha
2001Sarah SasseLincolnFirethorn Golf Club, Lincoln
2000Sarah SasseLincolnBeatrice Country Club
1999Elizabeth BahenskyLincolnKearney Country Club
1998Sarah SasseKearneyHappy Hollow Club, Omaha
1997Sarah SasseLincolnHighland Country Club, Omaha
1996Heidi StarkLincolnOmaha Country Club
1995Susan MarcheseOmahaHillcrest Country Club, Lincoln
1994Susan MarcheseOmahaPlatteview Golf Club, Bellevue
1993Sue ChurchichLincolnThe Pines Country Club, Valley
1992Susan MarcheseOmahaField Club of Omaha
1991Judy DykesColumbusNorfolk Country Club
1990Susan MarcheseOmahaFremont Golf Club
1989Francee KopeckyBellevueElks Country Club, Columbus
1988Francee KopeckyBellevueHeritage Hills Golf Course, McCook
1987Laura GuniaAllianceBeatrice Country Club
1986Susan MarcheseOmahaNorfolk Country Club
1985Susan MarcheseOmahaNorth Platte Country Club
1984Susan MarcheseOmahaHappy Hollow Club, Omaha
1983Susan MarcheseOmahaHighland Country Club, Omaha
1982Susan MarcheseOmahaOmaha Country Club
1981Cathy CurryColumbusHillcrest Country Club, Lincoln
1980Cathy CurryColumbusPlatteview Golf Club, Bellevue
1979Nanette CircoOmahaOak Hills Country Club, Omaha
1978Nanette CircoOmahaThe Country Club of Lincoln
1977Cathy CurryColumbusElks Country Club, Columbus
1976Val SkinnerNorth PlatteLochland Country Club, Hastings
1975Dorothy SchwarzkopfLincolnRiverside Golf Club, Grand Island

Nebraska Women's Match Play Champions

2019Kate StricklandLincolnFremont Golf Club
2018Nicolle BarmettlerElkhornYankee Hill Country Club, Lincoln
2017Kaitlyn KrzyzanowskiScottsbluffPlatteview Golf Club, Bellevue
2016Hannah ThieleWahooOakland Golf Club
2015Danielle LemekDoniphanOakland Golf Club
2014Danielle LemekDoniphanOak Hills Country Club, Omaha
2013Morgan SmejkalColumbusWild Horse Golf Club, Gothenburg
2012Elizabeth LydiattKearneyAwarii Dunes Golf Club, Axtell
2011Mary NarzisiOmahaTiburon Golf Club, Omaha
2010Susan MarcheseOmahaFirethorn Golf Club, Lincoln
2009Kayla KnopikPapillionKearney Country Club
2008Megan BartlettGrand IslandNorfolk Country Club
2007Anna ChristensonLincolnHeritage Hills Golf Course, McCook
2006Sara SackettCambridgeThe Pines Country Club, Valley
2005Stephanie SchaeferColumbusElks Country Club, Columbus
2004Andrea DunaganGrand IslandWilderness Ridge Golf Club, Lincoln
2003Melissa PraschKearneyShadow Ridge Country Club, Omaha
2002Elizabeth MorellMcCookOmaha Country Club
2001Maggie GabelmanLincolnIronwood Golf & Country Club, Omaha
2000Elizabeth BahenskyKearneyLochland Country Club, Hastings
1999Elizabeth BahenskyKearneyFour Winds Golf Course, Kimball
1998Steph KolbasLincolnHeritage Hills Golf Course, McCook
1997Elizabeth BahenskyKearneyBeatrice Country Club
1996Heidi Stark (Wall)LincolnRiverside Golf Club, Grand Island
1995Heidi WallLincolnThe Country Club of Lincoln
1994Susan MarcheseOmahaOak Hills Country Club, Omaha
1993Rained out
1992Sue ChurchichOmahaFremont Golf Club
1991Ann GuibersonBellevueHighland Country Club, Omaha
1990Susan MarcheseOmahaHappy Hollow Club, Omaha
1989Judy DykesColumbusOmaha Country Club
1988Susan MarcheseOmahaHillcrest Country Club, Lincoln
1987Susan MarcheseOmahaField Club of Omaha
1986Kari ManganOmahaFremont Golf Club
1985Kerre DubinskyLincolnElks Country Club, Columbus
1984Cathy NelsonOmahaThe Country Club of Lincoln
1983Susan MarcheseOmahaNorfolk Country Club
1982Susan MarcheseOmahaThe Country Club of Lincoln
1981Cathy NelsonOmahaOak Hills Country Club, Omaha
1980Val SkinnerNorth PlatteBeatrice Country Club
1979Nanette CircoOmahaHighland Country Club, Omaha
1978Cathy CurryColumbusFremont Golf Club
1977Nanette CircoOmahaHappy Hollow Club, Omaha
1976Nanette CircoOmahaHillcrest Country Club, Lincoln
1975Theresa WanekOmahaField Club of Omaha
1974Jean HylandLincolnOmaha Country Club
1973Christie Travnicek (Schwartzkopf)WilberLochland Country Club, Hastings
1972Bunnie PhillipsNorfolkOak Hills Country Club, Omaha
1971Christie SchwartzkopfLincolnNorfolk Country Club
1970Christie SchwartzkopfLincolnThe Country Club of Lincoln
1969Christie SchwartzkopfLincolnRiverside Golf Club, Grand Island
1968Jean HylandLincolnHappy Hollow Club, Omaha
1967Nancy YoungOmahaHighland Country Club, Omaha
1966Betty MarcheseOmahaFremont Golf Club
1965Dorothy SchwartzkopfLincolnHillcrest Country Club, Lincoln
1964Dorothy SchwartzkopfLincolnField Club of Omaha
1963Dorothy SchwartzkopfLincolnBeatrice Country Club
1962Jean HylandLincolnOmaha Country Club
1961Jean HylandLincolnThe Country Club of Lincoln
1960Nancy YoungOmahaSkyview Golf Course, Alliance
1959Dorothy SchwartzkopfLincolnHighland Country Club, Omaha
1958Jann WalkerOmahaHappy Hollow Club, Omaha
1957Jean HylandLincolnHillcrest Country Club, Lincoln
1956Jann WalkerOmahaField Club of Omaha
1955Lucile MannLincolnBeatrice Country Club
1954Phyllis LarsonOmahaOmaha Country Club
1953Lucile MannOmahaThe Country Club of Lincoln
1952Lucile MannOmahaHighland Country Club, Omaha
1951Lucile MannOmahaHappy Hollow Club, Omaha
1950Lucile MannOmahaHillcrest Country Club, Lincoln
1949Edith GoddardOmahaField Club of Omaha
1948Phyllis LarsonOmahaThe Country Club of Lincoln
1947Phyllis LarsonOmahaOmaha Country Club
1946Phyllis ByrneOmahaFremont Golf Club
1945No Tournament
1944No Tournament
1943No Tournament
1942No Tournament
1941Betty NolanOmahaNorfolk Country Club
1940Betty NolanOmahaField Club of Omaha
1939Florence RietveldOmahaHappy Hollow Club, Omaha
1938No Tournament
1937Phyllis LarsonOmahaThe Country Club of Lincoln
1936Adele SidlesLincolnHappy Hollow Club, Omaha
1935Adele SidlesLincolnEastridge Golf Club, Lincoln
1934Bea RohmanLincolnShrine Club, Lincoln
1933Mary Thalma BanghOmahaField Club of Omaha
1932Bea RohmanLincolnHappy Hollow Club, Omaha
1931Ida TobinLincolnThe Country Club of Lincoln
1930Rosalee BurkeLincolnOmaha Country Club
1929Gertrude StewartOmahaField Club of Omaha
1928Mary LevingsOmahaEastridge Golf Club, Lincoln
1927Mary LevingsOmahaHappy Hollow Club, Omaha
1926Jennie FowlesNorth PlatteLakewood Country Club
1925Mary LevingsOmahaThe Country Club of Lincoln
1924Jennie FowlesNorth PlatteOmaha Country Club
1923Jennie FowlesNorth PlatteField Club of Omaha
1922Mary LevingsOmahaHappy Hollow Club, Omaha
1921Emma ArnoldOmahaOmaha Country Club
1920Ella SpragueOmahaField Club of Omaha
1919No Tournament
1918No Tournament
1917Gertrude StewartOmahaHappy Hollow Club, Omaha
1916Louise PoundLincolnField Club of Omaha

NWAGA Senior Champions

2019Robin KrapflLincolnOakland Golf Club
2018Susan MarcheseOmahaFremont Golf Club
2017Susan MarcheseOmahaFremont Golf Club
2016Susan MarcheseOmahaWayne Country Club
2015Susan MarcheseOmahaHappy Hollow Club
2014Susan MarcheseOmahaKearney Country Club
2013Jane PohlmanOmahaOakland Golf Club
2012Susan MarcheseOmahaNorth Bend Golf Course
2011Susan MarcheseOmahaRiverside Golf Club, Grand Island
2010Susan MarcheseOmahaElks Country Club, Columbus
2009Jane PohlmanOmahaYork Country Club
2008Jane PohlmanOmahaOak Hills Country Club
2007Jane PohlmanOmahaKearney Country Club
2006Jane PohlmanOmahaPacific Springs Golf Course, Omaha
2005Pat SnyderOgallalaIronwood Golf & CC, Omaha
2004Dee MaybenColumbusYankee Hill Country Club, Lincoln
2003Peggy WilliamsOmahaLochland Country Club, Hastings
2002Debbie WilbeckOmahaFremont Golf Club
2001Debbie WilbeckOmahaRiverside Golf Club, Grand Island
2000Nona MullenMcCookHillcrest Country Club, Lincoln
1999Jean HylandLincolnThe Country Club of Lincoln
1998Alice TorpinO'NeillNorfolk Country Club
1997Debbie SandstedtOmahaElks Country Club, Columbus
1996Alice Torpin/Debbie SandstedtO'Neill/OmahaLochland Country Club, Hastings
1995Jean HylandLincolnFirethorn Golf Club, Lincoln
1994Alice TorpinO'NeillRiverside Golf Club, Grand Island
1993Alice TorpinO'NeillLochland Country Club, Hastings
1992Alice TorpinO'NeillKearney Country Club
1991Nona MullenMcCookThe Country Club of Lincoln
1990Alice TorpinO'NeillLochland Country Club, Hastings
1989Kay Offerdahl-Lochland Country Club, Hastings
1988Alice TorpinO'NeillLochland Country Club, Hastings
1987Sam SchwartzkopfLincolnRiverside Golf Club, Grand Island
1986Dottie BowmanKearneyLochland Country Club, Hastings
1985Alice TorpinO'NeillLochland Country Club, Hastings
1984Alice TorpinO'NeillLochland Country Club, Hastings
1983Alice TorpinO'NeillLochland Country Club, Hastings
1982Jean HylandLincolnLochland Country Club, Hastings
1981Jean HylandLincolnLochland Country Club, Hastings
1980Jean HylandLincolnLochland Country Club, Hastings
1979Wilma GillilandKimballLochland Country Club, Hastings