Active Posting Season Begins in Nebraska

Active Posting Season Begins in Nebraska

Golfers Can Post Scores from March 15-November 14

OMAHA (March 15, 2020) – The active posting season is among us here in Nebraska, and in-state scores will be posted for the first time under the World Handicap System. The active season begins today, March 15, and extends until November 14. Any rounds you play between those two dates can be posted for handicap purposes. Not sure how to get started posting? Follow the steps below:

  • Download the GHIN Mobile App in the App Store or Google Play, and login with your GHIN number  and last name.
  • Tap "Post Score" and select one of the score entry options. We recommend one of the Hole-by-Hole options, as it will ensure your score is posted correctly in accordance with your maximum hole score, Net Double Bogey.
  • Search for and find the course you played, select the number of holes, tees played, score type and date played
  • Enter hole-by-hole scores and tap "Post Score"
  • Your score will be posted to your record, and your Handicap Index will update overnight

You can also post scores using the same process at or the posting kiosk at your club. If you have any questions, contact Sam Oehm on the NGA staff at For more on the World Handicap System, visit the NGA's resource center at the button below.

WHS Resource Center

About the NWAGA
The Nebraska Women's Amateur Golf Association, founded in 1973, is an organization of golf clubs and individuals governed by amateur women golfers and formed for the purpose of promoting and conserving the best interests and true spirit of the game of golf for all women in the State of Nebraska. As NWAGA members, your participation and support is integral to NWAGA's success and will continue to enliven our efforts.

About the NGA
The Nebraska Golf Association, founded in 1966, is comprised of all members of public and private clubs and/or municipal or regional golf associations which utilize an approved handicap service recognized by the USGA and provided by the NGA. Our mission is to uphold and promote the game of golf and its values to all golfers in Nebraska. Among the duties of the Association include governance of member clubs and service as their handicapping and course rating authority, conduct of state golf championships, local USGA qualifying & other notable competitions, promotion of junior golf, presentation of worthwhile educational programs and support of allied golf organizations in Nebraska. The Nebraska Golf Association is an Allied Golf Association of the USGA and carries out core services including Handicap Administration and Oversight, Course Rating, Rules of Golf and Rules of Amateur Status, Tournaments and USGA Championship Qualifiers and USGA Initiatives and Community Programs.

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